Ulisses Almeida´s Learn Functional Programming with Elixir.

Adolfo Neto
1 min readMar 12, 2018

I have just finished reading Ulisses Almeida’s Learn Functional Programming with Elixir.
It is a great book.
It does not go too far on Elixir. And that is good.

I had already read two books on Elixir. The one by Dave Thomas and one in Portuguese.
And I still learned a lot from this book.
I have met Ulisses at Elixir Brasil 2018 .
I asked him how he had the idea to write this book.
He told me the process was initiated by PragProg.
They wanted more books on Elixir.
They already had three or more books published on Elixir.
They asked Plataformatec if anyone there wanted to write a book on Elixir.
As Ulisses works for Plataformatec, he prepared a proposal and it was accepted.
Anyone can write a book proposal for PragProg.
At the time I’ve met him, he was on version beta 4, I believe.
He was working a lot to finish the book.
A few days after we met, he tweeted that he wanted people to read and comment his book.
I said I could and PragProg gave me the e-book.



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